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With our 5th season upon us, Emerson Arts promises to bring a deeper more centered vision of sharing unique, diverse, impactful and meaningful stories! 

Sponsors and community partners are welcome through the year! 

If you would like support us, and can't finically, email us some of your ideas of how we can work together here:

5th Annual Fright Night

Our 5th Annual Fright Night! Voting opens June 1st for our fourth themes:

  • Mommy Dearest

  • Ouija

  • Vampire

  • Pirate 

The Synch

The Synch is a family fun musical Parody of your favorite holiday classic 'The Grinch'. Using songs you know and love with a twist this show is sure to make you laugh out loud! 

The Psychic Fair

This 80's themed musical cabaret is the story of two old friends grown rivals and how their life long connection affects a family, newly weds, and three best friends with a secret connection! Think White lotus meets Walter Mercado! 

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