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The Stage Light Flickers is a compilation of 32 different types of performing artists, and their experiences on their journey making it through Covid-19, adapting their art, how they fed their souls and how they survived!. 

Find self-reflection questions, group discussion questions, and frequent brain breaks, in this book is perfect for any artist, teacher, or book club!


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Emerson Arts is a Canadian arts conglomerate with a focus on creating paid opportunities for  professional artists.   

We offer a high level of entertainment grounded in a deep philosophy that aims to entertain, engage, and expand the minds of our audiences. We aim to make an impactful change, raise meaningful awareness, and translate difficult subject matter into entertaining and palatable art!


Born in the fires of Covid-19, Emerson Arts adopted the slogan “Theatre Everywhere” as we began to create opportunities for artists in a time there were none! We have grown from one show to a four show season featuring completely original content.

Our logo represents the stage light we fought so hard to keep lit in theatres across the world over the last few years. To us Emerson Arts represents hope, community, and togetherness.

Shinning our light forward in the darkest of times! 

Thank you all for your kindness and support!

Mason & Emily

Emily Bolyea, a humble country girl planted in Hamilton, ON, has performed and taught all over the world, including Korea, Ghana, U.S.A & Canada. 

Early in her career, Emily developed her skills as a communicator and teacher while slaying as an English teacher in Korea.  This lead to an 80's Funk & Rock n' Roll cover band, and a series of children's CD's sold nationally.  That country will never be the same.

Upon her return to Canada she raised two talented young women Page and Ava, (Emerson Arts Social Media Gurus). Emily developed her grant writing and event planning skills when she hustled as director of program and special events for a national Canadian non-profit, working in conjunction with the Toronto Film Festival.. 


Now a board member for local theatre 'HTI', and active member of other local theatre companies like Theatre Ancaster and Flush Ink Productions, Emily brings years of passion, knowledge and experience to her roll as Co-Founder and Co-Artistic Director of Emerson Arts. 

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Mason Micevski born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario, with an aggressive Eastern European family. Mason didn't in fact go downtown until he was 19 because it scared him. 

A graduate of Randolph Collage of Performing Arts, Mason has since worked all over Ontario as a musical theatre performer and singer.  The Lower Ossington Theatre, Oh Canada Eh? and  Warner Bros. Studios are just a few places he has performed.

At the tender age of 18 Mason began ballet lessons.  Just a few years later he would perform with the National Ballet of Canada in their annual performance of 'The NutCracker'. 

Through years of training and performing, Mason has developed his skills as a vocal director and choreographer, working with several companies in the GTA and across Ontario.

Now, Mason is constantly thinking of ways to keep artists working.  Mason brings his dedication, determination, and ALL OF HIS ENERGY to his roll as Co-Founder and Co-Artistic Director of Emerson Arts.

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