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Ticket Informatoin Here

This is the page were you will be able to purchase tickets to our shows! All ticketing information will be released June 1st, 2024! 

We have an exciting season on it's way! 

Interested in booking an interactive experience? Email or call!

We travel in where in HGA! 


Emerson Arts is Hamilton’s fastest growing professional entertainment provider.

Experts in site specific theatre, producers of unique original content rooted in equity and diversity, our ever-growing season is sure to dazzle! 


Due to the nature of our shows, pun intended, at times we find ourselves at the mercy of Mother Nature.

If it safe, the show will go on rain or shine. 


Show Cancellations will be announced a minimum of two (2) hours before some start time.


All tickets purchased are FINAL SALE, they may be EXCHANGED for another show in our season. We say no refunds, however exceptions have occurred and do apply.

We are humbled and honored by your support. Every ticket you purchase goes directly into the hands of artists, and creators, and into creating more paid opportunities for professional artists!


We appreciate and reply on your support. THANK YOU!

Emily Bolyea & Mason Micevski 

Artistic Director & Creative Director   

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