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Sharpen your skills.
Be the best you can be.

Private Lessons

We have opened  availability for our private lessons.  


Currently offering in person, or online lessons.

Please email to schedule your lesson & have all your questions answered! 

We begin with a trial class to assess you chosen skill set. We then take a week to develop and perfect your personal lesson plan.

Lessons with Emerson Arts Co-founders Emily Bolyea or Mason Micevski. 

Triple Threat: Learn a scene, song, and dance, incorporating all theatrical skill sets to develop well rounded performance techniques! 

Private Lesson:

Sing, Act, Dance 

$25.00 for 30 MIN

$50.00 for 60 MIN


Triple Threat

$75.00 for 60MIN (Minimum 1 Hour sessions) 

Lessons can be paid weekly or monthly as a lump payment at the first lesson. Please send by E-Transfer to or by cash. At this time no debit or credit

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