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Hall of History

Here you will find our ‘Hall of History’ a telling of Emerson Arts growth and production history as we continue to fight for sustainability the arts, artists, and arts workers. 

'When We're 40' Marks Emerson Arts' first two act musical! In 2023, on March 10, 11 and 12, the Emerson Arts Original premiered. The first act featured a 'youth cast' of 6 actors, Wren Toal, Kiki Bisasor, Bryanna Rowe, Simon Moon, Lennox Maximus and Owen Martin. Two of the friends make a pact that if they're single when they're 40 they'll get married. One of the friends passes in his early 40's and the estranged friend group have a mini reunion. Act 2's 'adult cast' featured the same characters played by Livia Jones, Kim Martin, Emily Bolyea, Caleb Timmermans, and Joseph Arevalo. 'When We're 40' featured; 'I'm Every Woman', 'Wannabe', "Smells Like Teen Spirit,' and many other hits from the 90's

On February 14th, 2023 Emerson Arts Co-Founders hosted a two hour concert. It was an evening of romance, intimacy and love at Hamilton's elegant and stunning Spice Factory. Singing songs of love such as, 'Simply The Best', 'My Girl', 'From This Moment On', 'Let's Get It On' and more!!!

Murder Parties Logo.png

On February 4th 2023, Emerson Arts participated in Hamilton's Winter Fest. We wrote a played through a custom murder mystery party for our close friends, Emily Bolyea, Mason Micevski, Pamela Blackwood-Marques, and Sue Hawthorne. Check out the video and details of the party on our facebook page. TO book one check out our 'Custom Murder Mystaery Party' page on the tool bar above!


Thank you to everyone who voted, in our third year of operations we we're platinum winners of Live Theatre &Arts Education. Thank you for your votes and your support! 

Scroogé 101.png

Emiliza Scroogé is Emerson Arts' first Musical Parody and co-production. Our original script and talented cast, brought our first orignal musicals to life. Held in 'The BackRoom' at Studio E. Featuring Michelle and Addison Wagman, Emily Bolyea, Theresa Noon, Hayley and Joey Humphries, Ray Rivers, Ayla Frenzy, Marissa Elliot & Mason Micevski.

Fright Night 2022 main.png

Fright Night: An Evening of Horrors, Year 3 was held at Hamilton's Pier 8. With actors Jan Delsey, Mason Micevski, Abigail Clark, Erik Salmon, & Emily Bolyea. This years theme was 'Out Of This World' / Alien. 

Mom's Moving.jpg

Mom's Moving marks the first full length, original play written and produced by Emerson Arts. Featuring a local cast, Hayley Humphries, Emily Bolyea, Chantel Frantado, and Mike Jensen. SPoncered by Mike's Cream pies and Tracies Place, Mom's Moving is the story of Gail, a retired widower who is ready to downsize and move in with her daughter. Her tow children come home to help pack up a lifetimes worth of memories and are met by the spirit ofthier father while on his  old psychedelics.  Held at the 'Pearl Company Theatre'. Making its final productin before clsing ti doors due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.


Holly Jolly is a Christmas Concert & Sing along held at 'The People Under The Stars Theatre' in Hamilton. Featuring local talent, Emily Bolyea, Mason Micevski, Lyla Miklos, Pamela Blackwood-Marques, Sam Marchionda, & Melissa Penner. Interactive, family friendly, Christmas fun!  A great fundraiser and fun way to celebrate the holidays.

Banner- thank you 2021.jpg

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO VOTED FOR EMERSON ARTS! In Just over a year of operations we are honoured to have been voted 'GOLD WINNERS' of the Hamilton Spectator Readers Choice Awards. Thank you! 

Logo's .jpg

The stage light flickers is an international best seller from Emerson Arts, published by Pandamonium Publishing, released on October 1st. 2021. Featuring 32 performing artists. Each artists represents a different style of performance, ethic group, or sexual identity, they we're given this platform to share their personal experience, trials and tribulations of the first year of the Covid-19 pandemic. This book is a historical documentation told through an artistic lens.


December 11th, 2020 Marked our inaugural Plugged-In 'Christmas Special'. With guest host Ava Bolyea-Kyere. Games we're played, Christmas song's we're sung, and joy was spread! Check out the video on our FaceBook page and share the joy.

Fright Night: An Evening of Horrors ran the last two weeks of October, 2020. Created to scare audiences, entertain guests and create income for performers when there was no other work. An outdoor, sight specific, theatrical production. Featuring Josh Fleming, Rebekka Gondosh, Jax Knight, Holly McComb, Emily Bolyea, and Abigail Clark The theme was magic & Ghosts, held at the historical Dundern Castle.

For banner.jpg

Held at the stunningly creepy 'Falkers Falls' on the Hamilton Mountain, Fright Night Year 2 featured an all female cast: Emily Bolyea, Abigail Clark, Katlyn Alcock, Courtnee Pope, & Meaghan O'Connor. This years theme was ghost hunters.

OUT TAOKES Graphic .png

Outtakes is a way to spread some joy and laughter through your failures and mishaps... We've all taken a bad audition video, and with the rise on virtual performances and presentations during Covid-19, the submissions we recieved and shred we're utterly hilarious! The winner of this online contest was Rebecca Ripco!

Unbplugged Add.jpg

Premiering November 27th, 2020. Plugged-In is an online, performance based talk show. Our first guest, Teresa Nocita, creator and founder of Studio E in Stoney Creek. With musical performances from their staff. Find the video on our FaceBook page!

Logo White .jpg

August 13th, 2020 Emerson Arts began operations. Born the fires of the Covid-19 pandemic. In an effort to provide paid opportunities for artists and arts makers. Created by Co-Founders Emily Bolyea and Mason Micevski.

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